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There is nothing complicated about the process of downloading and it can be completed in just a few minutes. It is refreshing to have such open minded scientists that contribute to the site. History will remember you for it—in addition to the current dialogue; you, Virginia, Tom, and David have created a public record which will be evermore important as time progresses.

You do a great job! I am astounded at your dedication along with Virginia, and of course others, in producing such a great piece of work month in and month out. Each new issue shows improved skills and significant content. The weight of evidence is becoming overwhelming. I can understand what a huge commitment this is. PCN is leaving behind a legacy that will probably shape what comes along in this century. Great stuff. And thanks so much for all you have done and are doing, and this goes for everyone involved. Congratulations to all. We have so very little to be enthused about if we are only subject to the mainstream dogma so very prevalent in science today.

The Pleistocene News serves the purpose of countering the huge amount of dogma and rhetoric that surround so many scientific subject areas. I now study as a postgraduate student at Oxford There is a young, independent generation coming of age now. We will change this world, for the better. Keep your hopes up friends. This battle is far from over. Take care, and keep up the good work. Many of your readers and supporters, including me, appreciate your positions and what you are accomplishing However… I know more and more people are reading your newsletters and spreading the word.

I really don't know how you do it, but the articles that keep coming are fresh, thought-provoking and, in some cases, brilliant. Acknowledgement for the editors! Well done! Should make anybody start to question and rethink their understanding of ancient man. A lot to digest in just one issue. A great issue indeed! I wish you a fruitful year and look forward to reading your interesting articles. My deep appreciation to the editors and contributors to this latest issue.

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The attached newsletter of the Pleistocene Coalition is always fascinating for me to read. People pick and choose what they want the history and science to be. Very good indeed! I enjoyed it enormously and am happy to see that authors are choosing such relevant and current topics, which all come together to form a harmonious whole.

Please keep up the good work! All the best for ! We as the readers and authors are glad to have such a neutral platform which is not bound on wrong suggestions or restrictions. Keep on!

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Best wishes and warm regards to all of you! What a delight! I do appreciate the excellent magazine and I will certainly check out the gallery. The title of your email had me worried for a second.

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I initially read it as meaning there would be no more Pleistocene Coalition News. It would have been sorely missed! Yours in appreciation. Sincere thanks in advance. I have had a lifetime interest in this subject. I shall have to find time to work through all the excellent material Meanwhile, congratulations and if I can join or assist, please let me know. This is a splendid site—easily accessible with good pithy texts. Pleistocene Coalition News successfully. Pleistocene Coalition News is produced by volunteers. Clark Fellowship program, , with technical training in molecular anthropology and archaeology.

Steeves is First Nations Cree. She was born in the Yukon Territories, Canada, and grew up among the very traditional Salish people of British Columbia.

PAGES e-news vol. 2018, no.9

Steeves' website, which is in process, will feature a comprehensive database of nearly archaeological sites in the Americas dating as far back as several hundred thousand years. The website will also feature plotted maps, migration routes, and sea-level charts in time zones such as , years ago as well as evidence of 60, playa lakes in what is now desert area of the U. Western plains. Macnab's research revolves around creative problem-solving and links between artistic expression and nature.

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  • She traces cultural iconography back to origins in the natural world. Her mother was an architect with John Gaw Meem. Macnab's father, a poet and writing teacher at the Institute of American Indian Arts, encouraged her interest in nature and creativity early on by giving her a microscope and reading her science fiction shorts as bedtime stories. D, Anthropology, M. Psychology, Ethno-astronomy, is a long-time Paleolithic researcher who received her doctorate with special honors and congratulations of the Jury. She has specialized in the time-keeping and astronomical capabilities of the people of Lascaux Cave in France.

    This is the ongoing research project of Richard Dullum and Kevin Lynch focusing on early British archaeology. Their research includes locating rare historical documents and important artifacts presently known only from the literature, as well as the physical locations of important long-forgotten archaeological sites.

    Dullum is a surgical R. He is also a Vietnam vet with a degree in biology.

    Monthly Archive for October, 2012

    Lynch is a retired British businessman, archivist and member of the Prehistoric Society of Britain. Lynch's specialty is British archaeology of the late 19th and early 20th centuries concentrating on the life and works of J. Reid Moir pictured at right. Here are a few quotations from The Lost Way of Stones which Weishaus uses as a portal to muse on Palaeolithic peoples and times:. Cataloging slides of rock art of American Southwest also whet my interest in Aurignacian cave art.

    Websites and articles featuring the work of Dragos Gheorghiu:. Ray Urbaniak is an engineer by education and profession; however, he is an artist and passionate amateur archeologist at heart with many years of systematic field research on Native American rock art, especially as related to archaeoastronomy, equinoxes and solstices in Utah. He has noted that standard archaeological studies commonly record details of material culture but overlook the sometimes incredible celestial archeological evidence.

    Urbaniak has also played a major role in documenting and raising concerns for the accelerating vandalism, destruction and theft of Native American rock art. His rock art photographs include clear descriptionswith many photographs being time-sequenced as events occurred along with compass, angular orientations, and other information. Jeffrey Goodman, PhD, is an archaeologist, geologist, and professional Geological mining engineer.

    In the summer of , Goodman's archaeological team directed by the late Dr. Alan Bryan, Professor of Archaeology, University of Alberta, discovered a flat stone with straight lines engraved on both sides. It was brought up from Pleistocene deposits at a depth of 23 feet at Goodman's archaeological site in the mountains north of Flagstaff, Arizona. Goodman had been excavating the site intermittently since The complete decades-long story of this remarkable artifact, including the dating methods applied and never-before-published photographs of the excavation and participants, can be found in the following articles in Pleistocene Coalition News.

    Question with confidence any paradigm promoted as "scientific" that depends upon withholding conflicting evidence from the public in order to appear unchallenged. Louis Leakey Calico talk audio-clips.

    Archives of Cultural Exchanges cross-continental influences more fluid than taught. Issue 18 - Graphics of Bilzingsleben series, Pt 8 : Evidence for a Homo erectus campsite depiction in 3D Issue 19 - Graphics of Bilzingsleben series, Pt 9 : Artifact 6 'Lower tier' in multiview and oblique projections Issue 20 - 12 Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda: a superb classic film for teaching critical thinking attitude and skills Issue 16 - Four arguments for the elimination of television, Jerry Mander Issue 17 - Launching the Gallery Issue 20 - The straight line route: A different perspective on trekking from Central Asia to the U.

    The answers are not as clear-cut as Nature and other popular venues are saying, Part 1 Issue 47 - Cerutti Mastodon publication after "25 years" Issue 53 - The exchange of inspiration across cultures Issue 53 - Suppressed by the U. Issue 42 - What mainstream science can learn from Big Tobacco, Part 2 Issue 43 - 'Suppression' anniversary Issue 43 - Language origin theories are back in the news: However, linguists still ignoring Paleolithic evidence Issue 44 - Straight edge use by Homo erectus Issue 45 - A prehistory of hiking: Neanderthal storytelling [Fig.

    Issue 9 - An avocational archaeology page? Issue 30 - Signs of human ditch construction predates Amazon rainforest Issue 30 - Alan Cannell mainstream publication Issue 30 - Valsequillo saga going out to the Spanish speaking world Issue 31 - Florida's Old Vero Man site may hold ancient DNA Issue 31 - Neanderthal "hashtag" art Issue 31 - Perspectives on several news items related to ancient sites and related topics Issue 32 - National Geographic , January - Same old same old Issue 33 - Neanderthal nasal anatomy supposedly shows it is "not" a subspecies of modern humans Issue 33 - Penghu jawbone, VSM response Issue 33 - National Geographic does it again: another propaganda piece Issue 34 - New book - in Spanish - includes PC founding member Dr.