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From a multidisciplinary perspective, comments remind nephrologists of the need to treat the different RSE caused by commonly used agents more frequently. Vigneau, N. Lorcy, T. Dolley-Hitze, F. Jouan, Y. Arlot-Bonnemains, B. Laguerre, et al. Nephrol Dial Transplant, 29 , pp. Cosmai, M. Gallieni, W. Liguigli, C. Izzedine, B. Escudier, C. Lhomme, P. Pautier, P. Rouvier, V. Gueutin, et al. Kidney diseases associated with anti-vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF : an 8-year observational study at a single center.

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Medicine Baltimore , 93 , pp. Csaky, D. Safety implications of vascular endothelial growth factor blockade for subjects receiving intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapies.

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    Milagro en Coffeeville y otras leyendas de Navidad (Spanish Edition)

    Renal injury following intravitreal anti-VEGF administration in diabetic patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and chronic kidney disease — a possible side effect?. Curr Drug Saf, 9 , pp. Cheungpasitporn, F. Chebib, L. Cornell, M. Brodin, S. Nasr, C. Schinstock, et al. Intravitreal antivascular endothelial growth factor therapy may induce proteinuria and antibody mediated injury in renal allografts.

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    Transplantation, 99 , pp. Robert T. Nan Shepherd. Alessandro Baricco. Kent Nerburn. Casey Cep. Peter Kornbluh. Mark Fisher. Albert Camus. Mark Cousins. Fran Lebowitz. Robert James Waller. Julian of Norwich. Nikita Gill. Dorian Lynskey. Dexter Dias. Oscar Wilde. Gary A. Ken Fleming. Peter Pomerantsev. Elena Ferrante.